Segment Two

Segment 2 Driver

Tuition Rates (Effective November 1st, 2021)
Michigan Graduated Driver Licensing

Segment II for teens: $ 100.00

(6 hours of classroom instruction)

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This is your step up to the big time, and it's a pretty simple one―just six hours of classroom instruction. Before you qualify to take it, however, you must have obtained your Segment 1 driver's license from the SOS office at least 90 days prior to taking the class, need to complete at least 30 hours of behind-the-wheel driving, including two hours of driving at night. Once you've completed Segment 2 and have a total of 50 hours of driving experience, you can take a road skills test. The Secretary of State has posted a handy study guide for this test online, as well as a road skills testing organization locator. Assuming you pass the test, you'll be eligible for a Level 2 License. Once again, a trip to the local branch office of the Secretary of State is required. This time, you'll need to be at least 16 and have your road skills certificate, proof that you've had your Level 1 License for at least 180 days, and a logbook showing your 50-plus hours of driving experience (including 10 hours at night). You'll have your picture taken and be given your Level 2 License, which allows you to drive unsupervised between the hours of 5 a.m. and midnight. (If you have a job that requires you to drive between midnight and 5 a.m., you'll be allowed to drive as long as you have proof that you are traveling directly to or from work.) The fee for your Level 2 License currently is $25. Once you hold a Level 2 License for six months and turn 17, with your parents' permission you can graduate to a full, restriction-free license―the Level 3. Since all three license levels require parental consent if the applicant is under 18, parents should know their responsibilities as well. To that end, the Secretary of State has created a guide for parents to help you know what you're getting your kids (and yourself!) into.


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